About Us

Our holiday village has been established on 25 decares of land and 7 decares of 25 decares of land is structured as buildings and other areas are completely greened and afforested.
Our site is 150 km from Adana Airport, 75 km from Mersin, 20 km from Silifke and Kızkalesi and is located in the Arkum neighborhood of Silifke.
It is in the Göksu Delta area, one of the naturally protected areas in our country. Göksu Delta is in the protection zone, which is protected by the Ramsar contract, which our country has also signed under, and where Bird Paradise is also located.

Migratory birds, endangered plants and bird species live in the protected area. It is also the breeding ground of Caretta Carettas. For this reason, construction in this region is generally zoned at a distance of 300 to 700 meters from the sea. Our facility is 5 km away from Göksu Delta and Bird Sanctuary.

The length of the beach between Atakent (Susanoğlu) Taşucu is about 26 km. The coast at this distance is completely fine sand and has a width of 50 to 80 meters. You can walk about 50 meters into the sea without exceeding the human height. Our facility is in the middle of this 26 km long beach.
There is a large swimming pool for adults and children within our site.

The pool is 20x10 meters in diameter and 1.30 deep. The part reserved for children is 5x3 meters and has a depth of 70 centimeters. Our pool is equipped with sun loungers and parasols for sunbathing and resting.


We have a perfect beach, fine sand and sea. Our facility is the first zoned plot in proximity to the sea and its distance to the sea is 500 meters. There is a tree planted road for easy access to the sea on this distance. There are few summer houses around us, it is a quiet and relaxing place. We have a cafeteria, locker and shower cabin, sand volleyball court, sea bike, boat, canoe, atv, sunbeds and umbrellas at the seaside. In addition, an optional yacht tour is organized on site. From our facility to the sea by car, motorcycle and bicycle. There is also a parking lot on site.


In our holiday village; for adults and minors, restaurant, indoor and outdoor bar, indoor and outdoor seating area, 2 multi-use halls, outdoor and indoor game hall, night club or disco bar, shopping market, playground, sports equipment, basketball and volleyball court, There are tennis courts and offices.

Live music is performed at the property on weekends in 4 months of the year and other months.



Our facility; Mersin, which is rich in history and culture, is close to many must-see values.

Some of them are Ayatekla church, Heaven and Hell Caves, Asthma Cave, Kızkalesi, Three Beauties Museum, Uzuncaburç, Adam Rocks, Bloody Divane, Anfora Museum, Olba Ancient City, Mezgit Castle, Silifke Castle, Demircili Monument Tomb and many promenade areas. As you have the chance to see these important values ​​closely in the excursion areas, you can leave with beautiful memories by participating in camel tours between Paradise and Hell and Rafting activities organized on Silifke Göksu river.

Besides the historical and cultural beauties, you can join the blue cruise yacht tours organized between Tisan, Taşucu, Altınkum and Atakent, and you can spend a nice day on these tours with the services provided to you by requesting our hotel.